Jacek Roszkowski, photographer
NY City
- Why photography ?
- Life is a constant flow of images. I'm trying to notice, enjoy and save some of these images. The camera helps me to focus my attention and to recall the images I once considered bea
utiful or interesting. Photography allows me to share my visual experiences with others. It also gives the photographer the capability to create a piece of art in a split second. This happens rarely. Most of the time a good picture requires a lot of work.

- When did you start taking pictures ?
- It was before I even learned how to walk, but unfortunately I don't have hardcopies of these images.

- What do you try to say in your pictures ?
- Appreciate the chance to live in a world of light ! Appreciate the sense of vision ! One day the Sun may turn away from us... I also try to use photograps to recall the moods I was in while taking these pictures. It is difficoult to create similar moods in the viewers, but sometimes it works.

- How do you deal with stress ?
- I scare it away with a flash.

- Your favorite photographer ?
- Witkacy (Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz 1885-1939). According to Phaidon's "The Photography Book" he was the one and only photographer-expressionist. He was better known as a painter and a writer. He was Polish.

- New projects ?
- I'm working on a project I called "Pictures of my dreams".
- How does the work go ?
- Pictures come out underexposed...
- Why don't you use a flash ?
- When I use a flash I wake up...

- Thank you for the interview.
- Who said that ?????

Warsaw, Poland
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