Jacek Roszkowski, photographer
Do not touch the photo !
An Aqueduct in Zacatecas, Mexico
In "Sunbathing with Martini" Jacek Roszkowski utilizes everyday objects to explore the potential of "seeing" in photography. The lens of the camera becomes transformed into a meditative, introspective, human-like presence.

With a sensible attention to beauty and simplicity, Roszkowski creates an alternate reality, which transforms everyday objects and locations into loci of transcendental form and beauty.

Intimately expressed, the suite of photographs on display creates miniature worlds of form and meaning. Reflecting the photographer's own experiences in observing the everyday world, these miniatures of form and meaning serve as vehicles for the artist's own process of self-discovery and contemplation involved in the act of seeing itself.

Graphic, sculptural and architectural aspects of the images point out Roszkowski's clear dedication to elevating his photography to the realm of fine arts. The objects described are recorded through formal energies and tensions apparent in each of the fifteen photographs on display.

As a way of investigating formally elements of the physical world, Roszkowski creates a mysterious texturally-saturated, intense balance within the picture frame. Through light and color, volume and space, the artist transforms his subjects into powerful vessels of meaning.

Roszkowski's commitment to defining liaisons among places, objects, memory and history poignantly point out complexities of human experiences involved in the "act of seeing".

............................................................Adriana Bratu, MFA
Jacek Roszkowski's earlier photographs, created when he was mainly a documentarian, deal with universal desires, human relationships, alienation, and difficulties that the young generation faces while attempting to match the image of the adult life with the reality.

Cultural and social influences experienced in the early stages of life cannot be underestimated. Emotional desires as well as proffessional career expectations being built based on images seen on the screen, images that have very little to do with the reality, become traps that prevent some young people from progressing in personal development.

A homeless girl "living" next to the entrance to a movie production supplies store on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles is just one of the victims... What kind of serious life problems are being built in front of a New York City boy who is frequently imprinting into his memory images of billboard beauties and neon words advertising "a runway" for adult viewers ?

Building desires that can hardly be fulfilled later is one of the main causes of frustration and violence in the contemporary society.
Roszkowski's efforts to show complexities of human interaction and our relationships in the urban society at the dawn of a new millenium, authorize me to strongly recommend Roszkowski's artwork and the upcoming show.

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